Short Term Training / Summer / Winter Training

There many want to have specialization training for short duration , This Kind module is important for Hobbies-tic person and industrial application and help you to sharp your skills, we train to them for following at very short term courses design for specific Period , Also we cover various Project work for final year student under this module . Duration for these courses will be 3,7,10,and 15 dayin flexible hours.

Course Name Description Duration
PLC (Allen Bradley, Siemens S-200/300 ,Mitsubishi,Omron,Delta)(Commissioning, Erection, Maintenance, Programming, Repairing, And Troubleshooting.) 15 days
SCADA (Creating Tags, Data Acquisition, Industrial Designing, Communication B/W Scada and PLC, Networking Of Scada.) 7 days


(Commissioning, Erection, Maintenance, Programming, Repairing, And Troubleshooting of AC/DC Drive, Servo Drive, Stepper Drive) 3 days
HMI/MMI (Human/Man Machine Interface) (Commissioning, Erection, Maintenance, Programming, Repairing, And Troubleshooting.) 7 days
Networking (RS 232, RS 485, RS 422, DN 485, Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus) 3 days
Instrumentation (Proximity Sensors, Level, Flow, Temperature, LT, RTD Card) 3 days
Switch Gear and Circuit Breaker (DOL Starter, RDOL Starter, Circuit Breaker, MCB, MCCB, Motion Control.) 3 Days
Repairs/Testing  Overview  for PLC, SCADA and HMI, Electronic component expose and application, Soldering and De soldering Practices, VFD , servo and AC , Dc drive, Knowledge, Enhancing Repair capability for Any make VFD,IGBT module and testing, Drive covered in this courses will be ABB, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi , danfoss , Delta, PCB repairing 15 days