Introduction To Industrial Internship

  • Introduction to Industrial networking.
  • Basic network knowledge, supported by demonstrations and practical assignments.
  • Data communication and networking used in plants.
  • Serial communication: RS232/RS422/RS485.
  • Sensor and Control-level Networks.
  • Introduction to network equipment, Routing, Switching.

Introduction To commonly used networking protocols – Field bus, Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet,Control Net, HART Communication

  • OSI model
  • Available networks (Master/Slave, Client/Server and producer/Consumer)
  • Communication relations (Point to Point, Multicast and Broadcast)
  • Transmission media (Cables, Wireless)
  • NetworkStandards

Practical Sessions on Modbus and Profibus protocols

  • Transmission medium
  • Physical characteristics and installation details
  • Data link functions
  • Addressing
  • Master/Slave Mode
  • RemoteI/O System
  • Sharing/ Accessing Data on network


  • Common symptoms, problems and solutions
  • How to quickly identify likely causes
  • Communications issues
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